The Midtown Jazz Quartet

The Midtown Jazz Quartet is an accomplished group of musicians, each a professional in his own right, formed out of an ensemble at the Nashville Jazz Workshop.

Michael Morton - flute

Michael began his studies with jazz at Berklee College of Music with Peter Gordon and Matt Marvuglio . He then decided to focus on classical studies, transferring to the University of Memphis, where he studied with Bruce Erskine. After 3 1/2 years, he transferred to Chapman University, studying with Arthur Hoberman and received his Bachelor of Music degree in Flute Performance. He then was awarded a fellowship to study at the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California where he earned a masters in flute performance with Jim Walker. Michael is former principal flutist with the Southeast Symphony of Los Angeles and a member of various chamber groups. He can be heard on movie soundtracks, and has performed with or for The Los Angeles Opera, Placido Domingo, Whitney Houston, Terrance Blanchard, Rihanna, Terrance Howard, and Spike Lee. He currently resides in Nashville, where he is a freelance flutist. He has recorded 7 albums, some of which can be found on Amazon, Spotify and other streaming services.

Steve King - piano

Steve is a professional pianist and keyboardist with over twenty years experience working in the Nashville music scene. His recording and performing credits include Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Kelly Clarkson, and Michael Omartian just to name a few. A major highlight of Steve’s career was performing on the 54th Grammy awards in 2012. As a music educator, Steve taught for 5 years in Nashville public schools and is currently an adjunct music professor at Tennessee State University. In addition, Steve has been a supporter and participant of the Nashville Jazz Workshop since its inception. Steve is also a member of the Jazz group The Midtown Jazz Quartet and performs regularly in the Nashville Area.

Gus Duffy - drums

Gus fell in love with Jazz as a little guy…there was always music in the house…lots of instruments, piano, guitar, etc.   He balanced music and architecture studies all through school, and was a full time professional musician before focusing on architecture career full time.  He established Gus Duffy Architect, AIA, Studio City, California in the seventies, and continues designing and developing custom residences since moving to Nashville in 2017.  He follows the advice of master drummer/educator Matt Wilson:  “if you want to be a working jazz drummer, learn a lot of songs, and learn to play quietly”.  Gus considers the Nashville Jazz Workshop “home”, and considers Gary, Michael, and Steve brothers.

Gary J. Smith - bass

Gary ’s musical roots are in Texas, where he learned to play his church’s old Kay bass once he was tall enough.  Although trained classically, he has played a variety of musical styles, including bluegrass, jazz and other American roots music.  He is the bassist for the bluegrass band The Dillards, and has performed and/or recorded with The Brother Boys, Tom T. Hall, and the Midtown Jazz Quartet, among others. Gary is a family physician in Nashville.